Welcome to VSP renewable portable power!!!!

What if you had been an investor in the internet boom or the explosion in wireless.Can you imagine how different your life would be?Any great technology shift presents great opportunity and its here for you today! An opportunity that equips you for the future.

Thanks to VSP and their latest offerings in the renewable energy market,you have the power to ride the next wave of technology as far as you want to take it.Imagine being part of a company that creates life changing financial freedom...


Established to develop and manufacture a specialty, green energy electronic products.

The idea for our product was conceived by us as a result of numerous attempts to make green products that will provide clean, low priced energy.


Whirly Bird Generator

Making Wind Power become a reality in North America -Making Renewable Energy an Easy and Safe Choice.

VSP Solar Charging System

Solar power is another source of free energy. VSP has harnessed the sun energy and converted it into power to charge your VSP portable generator.

Heated LED Lights

This system prevents Ice and snow build up on the light lens allowing clear visibility in bad weather conditions.